Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

Manage your workstation (DSE) risks and help reduce related health issues with this self-assessment module.

Ensure your staff are all sitting and working comfortably with OSHENS’ ergonomic workstation assessment software. With employees spending increasingly long periods of time at their desks, there has never been a better time to invest in their health. Members of staff are guided through an ergonomic risk self-assessment process that checks their current workstation equipment and conditions. This can also include awareness training, highlighting good practice and hazards in the work environment.

The assessment is relevant for all employees and can be used to assess multiple locations and screen equipment from desktops to mobile devices. The module can be used to conduct both individual and group assessments and assessors can create corrective action plans to remedy any issues found.

For UK companies, our workstation assessment software is quick and easy way to ensure that you are compliant with DSE regulations.