Frequently Asked Questions

Is OSHENS easy to use?

Yes it is. OSHENS is highly reputed for its user-friendliness and the ease with which people learn how to use it. In fact the system is so easy to use, we only need to train a small group of key users who can then pass their knowledge onto the wider organisation through a training plan.

What are the benefits of using OSHENS?

Our web based system makes dealing with safety, health, environment, risk and compliance issues quick and easy. OSHENS can:

  • Improve your organisation’s efficiency by reducing the bureaucracy and time loss associated with accidents, incidents and reporting issues.
  • Help you manage risk by providing a system that your whole workforce can use. Wide adoption of the software enables your staff to identify, report and deal with issues before they become serious problems.
  • Give you a comprehensive understanding of how your organisation is performing in terms of it’s health, safety, environmental, risk and compliance initiatives. The direct links between modules mean that no actions go unnoticed, issues are easily reported and your health and safety professionals can monitor progress of the organisation as a whole.

How much does OSHENS cost?

OSHENS’ modular structure allows our team to configure a suitable solution for each and every client. This means that the price depends on the modules that you want and the size of your organisation. If you would like to get a better indication of price, please use the contact us form to tell us a little more about your requirements and we will get back to you with a price estimate.

How secure is OSHENS?

The Optima team is ISO27001:2013 accredited and trained. All our customers' information is protected at a number of levels with hardware and software controls as well as sophisticated data protection and data security policies and procedures.

Who can use OSHENS?

Anyone and everyone. Each system is configured to our clients’ requirements making OSHENS suitable for both small and large organisations alike.

Can OSHENS be used in any industry?

Yes it can. OSHENS is used across a wide variety of industries from aviation to education to nuclear waste disposal. You can see some of the companies who use OSHENS and the industries that they operate in on our client page.