Accident Reporting

In the event of an accident occurring, ensure your workforce has all of the important, need to know information.

We know that protecting your workforce from harm and injury is paramount, use our accident reporting software to log, track and understand any accidents that occur in your workplace. This accident reporting tool is able to gather all the vital evidence needed to analyse, isolate and stop workplace accidents at their source. OSHENS’ context sensitive forms make collecting this information simple and easy.

Managing employee accidents can now be made easier with the comprehensive investigation features that OSHENS offers. This includes tools that estimate time lost time and the financial costs of an accident. Users, with appropriate access rights, can report accidents to regulatory authorities e.g. HSE (RIDDOR) or OSHA.

To ensure accuracy of reporting, information recorded during the notification and review process is carried forward into a pro forma RIDDOR Report Form (UK) or OSHA 301 Form (USA).

In the UK, the F2508 can be submitted electronically to the HSE's Reporting Centre directly from OSHENS.